Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Parallel Realities

Did anyone else experience this? Both my wife and I heard a report last Summer that Scott Petersons trial was over due to a technicality and he got off free - an uproar proceeded. Neither one of us care that much about the story (its a local story of no concern to me!!!) and we lost track of it. Then, inexplicably, a few weeks later we both heard the news that he was found guilty and he would be sentenced.

We both felt like there was some kind of disconnect - a shift in space time. We suspect someone (or something) tampered with the timeline in general and the Scott Peterson verdict was altered. For instance, perhaps someone tried to alter the course of last Novembers Presidential election and the change in the trial result was a side-effect of that.

We noticed a similar thing with a major earthquake in Tokyo that did and then did not happen. I will talk in more detail about that in a future post.

Jesus Relics on Tour

Both my wife and I had the honor of seeing the relics of the passion of Jesus Christ at Catholic Churches in the Phoenix Area. No, this was not associated with the movie - these are the real thing.

- pieces of the cross
- a replica of one of the nails from the cross (made from original nail shavings)
- a piece of Christs burial shroud

Also included were relics from the Holy Sepulcher, Golgotha, the table of the Last Supper and the Garden of Gethsemane.

Some of these were retrieved by St Helena (emperor's Constantine's mother) from her journey to the Holy Land about 1700 years ago! So whether you believe they are genuine or not, they are at the very least quite ancient. (the fragments were very tiny, and held in special containers)

We were allowed not only to view them but touch them and even kiss them if you wanted! It was very moving and a remarkable experience. More info at these sites: http://www.apostolateforholyrelics.com/home.php

Radio Timeshifting

I noticed a strange phenomena over the last few months. A certain radio station, 1100 AM, in Phoenix Arizona has an echo. Not all the time but in certain situations. It is a faint signal that seems to be the same as the main signal, but offset by about five seconds. From what I understand about AM radio waves this is simply not possible. The speed of light is so quick relative to distances on Earth that any echo would not be noticeable by the human ear.

That is not really the weird thing though. It is a pre-echo. That is the signal is clearly the same signal that is heard 5 seconds later! It is fairly clear and it is the same signal, commercials and all.

The only rational explanation is that there is a sister station or tower within range that is broadcasting on the same frequency, the same broadcast, but slightly offset. I am not sure why they would do this, as it seems like it would cause this interference. Perhaps the other station is so far away, geographically, they feel the interference would be minimal for most listeners. That makes sense, as in West, large cities are quite distant from one another. If this is not true then some sort of time shifting is going on or there is some other explanation I have not thought off.